Company Profile


Working together to realize aspirations of our customers.


  • Be partners of choice –for all of our customers.
  • Consistently exceed our financial targets over time for the benefit of all our stake holders.
  • Attract, challenge and retain the most capable people in our industry.
  • Respect the communities and environment in which we operate.

Core values– we believe in

  • Passion.
  • Integrity.
  • Excellence.
  • Creativity.

Our strength

Due to our dynamic and robust nature, our core business activities have steadily grown. Expanded and matured to include two offices in Nairobi central business district, 8 workers, importing new and used photocopiers, Network, Binding machine, Lamina-tors, Shredders, Note counters.

Our experience in providing large business solution is due to well coordinated team work, regular upgrading of our skills through training, proper sourcing, timely stocking, and marketing, pricing, supply, and minimum response time.

C.T.P  is quick  to adopt new and emerging technologies  after through scrutiny to ensure our customers receive the best in the market  and address their needs  to achieve  maximum productivity and at minimum cost.

All this coupled with round the clock support system make us a force to recon and one of the emerging office equipment giant.

Core attributes

  • Drive to win
  • Responsive
  • Systematic
  • Approachable

Skills set

C.T.P has enough experience and knowledge supported by competent team. This is based on actual practice which enables us to meet the need s of the customers adequately and efficiently via our sales team, presales team and the customer support service team.

Customer Base

C.T.P customers are from individuals operating   small offices, schools, collages, medium companies’ government ministries and NGOs within Kenya and East African countries.